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Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
2:21 pm
Quote Sheet
Weirdly, I was eating Mexican while I typed this up. Even more weirdly, I can't see Spanish rice now without thinking about Joseph and hence about this really weird game.

1. “Does my ice cream do anything funny?” “Yes, it gets up and does the Macarena.”
2. “I don’t think dan will allow that.” “I didn’t know his name was Dan.”
3. 3. “Alan and his obsession with monkeys, yes.”
4. “My mother makes a character based on Vanyel and starts coming on to my sister’s ranger.”
5. “We allow rodents to be ane xception.”
6. “Mmm . . . popcorn and death.”
7. “You get pounced from behind by a grey bunny.”
8. “Is it warm steam?”
9. “It’s a mountain.”
10. “Let me get this straight: these are clown blow-up dolls?”
11. “Actually, it was giant marshmallows.”
12. “A policeman hears you and takes you to jail.”
13. “What I’m wondering is why your fleece is inside out.”
14. “Even your phone ring sounds homosexual.”
15. “And I may be dead by the end of the weekend anyway, so why should I do my homework?”
16. “How would you like people picking things off of you?”
17. “He doesn’t have plant magnetism.”
18. “Thank you, El Niño.”
19. “Who let the dogs out: bark, bark!” (Oakenshield bunk)
20. “Benevolence: WHOMP!”
21. “If you jinx us, I am so not talking to you for a week.”
22. “Yes, I know it’s a cookie . . . if I break the bottom off it won’t notice.”
23. “You pass the willow.” “I kick it.” “It weeps.”
24. “Nobody dies till I say so.”
25. “You see me squeeze my rock.”
26. “My kitchen smells like burning.”
27. “It says: ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’”
28. (in thick Russian accent) “In Soviet Russia, pizza eats you!”
29. “You cannot Veiled Eyes your pizza.”
30. “It’s a sassy fortune.”
31. “I . . . am . . . going . . . to . . . kill . . . that . . . BALLOON!”
32. “Your character just got eaten by the pizza.”
33. “You just made a snake bridge.”
34. “No, you cannot make a willpower roll to ignore the Cornish game hen.”
35. “There’s another door? When did that happen?” “Just now!”
36. “In that case, I think we kill the stove.”
37. “You may take a free action to stop, drop, and roll. I commend fire safety.”
38. “Oven.” “Pven to suck your blood?”
39. “A thirty-nine and a half foot pole? Those are only useful for not touching Mr. Grinch.”
40. “So, Albert, have you got . . . porpoises?”
41. “Several slithering snakes snoring softly.”
42. “I want torture! By which, Reel means Thai.”
43. “Salvador, you are a giant carrot.”
44. “Except replace ‘Pcs’ with ‘me’ and ‘plot’ with ‘your mom.’”
45. “A pagan pipe wrench? How preposterous!”
46. “GM: I don’t know what she’d doing; let me make a Perception plu Alertness roll.”
47. “You instinctually drop tot he ground as a MANGO flies over your head!” “A bladed mango?” “Can we make one of those? Can you make on of those?”
48. “Jackie, play with this and put something down about the funny hat!”
49. “In Soviet Escher, book finds you.”
50. “You have now hidden in Josey’s box.”
51. “See Salvador. See Salvador doing first. Go first, Salvador, go first.”
52. “Funes attacks, and . . . lands in your arms, gentle as a kitten.”
53. “The mirror is actually in my pants, so she won’t take it.”
54. “Why you have square shield?” “Because you made them that way, stupid GM.”
55. “Shit, piss, fuck, sunt, cocksucker, Mabry.”

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Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
11:01 pm
Two Sisters: A Ballad by Reel
There were two sisters in a tower.
Spinning, spinning, spins the wheel.
One was sweet, the other sour.
Spinning, spinning, endless reel.

The two girls walked by the river.
Spinning, spinning, spins the wheel.
The elder pushed in her sister.
Spinning, spinning, endless reel.

She didn’t fall, instead she flew.
Spinning, spinning, spins the wheel.
A fairer sight you never knew.
Spinning, spinning, endless reel.

The elder tried to hold her fast.
Spinning, spinning, spins the wheel.
Casting each spell that she could cast.
Spinning, spinning, endless reel.

The younger sister was hurt sore.
Spinning, spinning, spins the wheel.
And she tried to win free once more.
Spinning, spinning, endless reel.

The elder’s fingers sought her throat.
Spinning, spinning, spins the wheel.
Having her sure, began to gloat.
Spinning, spinning, endless reel.

The younger struggled best she might,
Spinning, spinning, spins the wheel.
Then weary she gave up the fight.
Spinning, spinning endless reel.

Now the elder knew she had won.
Spinning, spinning, spins the wheel.
She loosed her grip as all was done.
Spinning, spinning, endless wheel.

The younger tried one final try.
Spinning, spinning, spins the wheel.
She broke away into the sky.
Spinning, spinning, endless wheel.

As a raven she fled away.
Spinning, spinning, spins the wheel.
Her feathers mangled in the fray.
Spinning, spinning, endless reel.

Weakened, she whispers on the breeze.
Spinning, spinning, spins the wheel.
Her feathers fall into the seas.
Spinning, spinning, endless reel.

Her empty voice and feathers three.
Spinning, spinning, spins the wheel.
Will some wanderer hear her plea?
Spinning, spinning, endless reel.

Current Mood: lonely
Friday, October 8th, 2004
9:19 am
Here is the stuff I've written up about Reel's contacts:

Will Hinton is one of my friends down at the police station. He's not anyone important or anything, but everyone likes him, so lots of people sort-of-like me. I think he sees me as his kid sister, which feels really weird because I never had any siblings when I was growing up. Sometimes, he'll drag me along with him to minor crime scenes to give me pointers. This can be fun. I don't really know why he does it, except maybe to make sure I'm aware of how often places get broken into in my part of town. He'll always reminding me to close my curtains. He wants me to carry mace in my purse. I mostly ignore it. He's a pretty nice guy.

Gregory Baldwin is my other good cop friend. He isn't really a cop anymore, because he's retired, but everyone down at the station still tells him everything, and sometimes if something serious is happening, he'll be wearing his uniform again and helping out. He's a funny old man, and I listen to only about half of what he says, because the other half is puns and pseudo-misogynist jokes. It absolutely cracks him up to ask me why I'm not yet barefoot and pregnant. He doesn't really mean any of it. the other thing about Greg is that he is positively obsessed with crossword puzzles: I guess it keep him entertained in his retirement. Unfortunately, he's found out at that I'm good at them, so he'll call me up at any hour or the day or night and ask me questions like: "What's a three letter word ending with see that means a big bird?" I don't sleep much, so I don't mind that I either.

Dr. Claude Pearson was one of my professors when I was in college. He was the one who suggested I send my resume to the governments. It always seems like he's laughing at me. We trade codes some times. He's still working on one I sent him a month ago; he doesn't have kuch time to work on it, what with grading papers and all. The most recent one he sent to me is based off of a starwheel. It's really neat; I haven't quite worked out all the details yet: I've been kind of busy. His areas of expertise are kind of odd: mathematical linguistics, and ethical philosophy. I think I took five different classes taught by him while I was at college. It was a blast.

Finally, there's "Olorin." I'm not sure quite where he and I stand, aside from the fact that I've never seen his face. We've been in contact for two or three years now, ever since we met in this inter-university decryption exercise: he sent out the last paragraph of The Return of the King, and I recognized it rather quickly. We've kept in touch. He knows me by the name "Vaire." We encode all of a our messages, but usually fairly easy codes. We talk about books and codes and sometimes about politics. I like him a lot. About a month ago we went on a blind date. We both showed up at a set table in a coffee shop with blindfolds on. We talked for a while. It was a lot of fun, he threw my word replacement right back at me. When this is over, I'd like to meet up with him again without the blindfolds and have another chat or five. Personal feelings aside, he's better at codes and stuff than anyone I know; possibly including myself.
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
10:06 pm
game time
game, unless the world implodes, will be next friday, some time around 4pm. if you would like me to make dinner, let me know now, as i would not mind, but i need far more planning time than i gave myself. assume that game will run until about 7, with dinner occuring after, or during the last portion of the game.

on another note, i would like to know how often y'all would prefer to meet. if you would rather this be a once a week thing, or a once a month thing. either way, i would appreciate knowing, and then i can plan the game accordingly.

EDIT: being that next friday is the beginning of the Marilyna game, shift this message over one week to the following friday.
Thursday, September 16th, 2004
1:42 pm
so, um, yeah
because it is far easier for me to just give you your sheets in person at some point tonight, and then have you get through all i gave you for tomorrow, i will be doing so, more stuff may be coming up for various characters, as i read and reread stuff, if you want side plot, now is the time to tell me, before i set the introduction to chapter 2 in sandstone.

mabry, i may just have a talk with you while i am cooking, or i may post stuff specifically for you tonight. i have no idea, as i am still working and reworking some kinks out of the system.

jackie/jamie if one of you could please hand off your corebook to julie so that during the dead points in the activities fair, i can work on some things for the game. i would be very much obliged.

lastly, or possibly not, depending on my mood, would y'all prefer dinner before game or during game? i do not care when we start, as this will have been the first time in over a week that i will have been able to relax without worrying about being up excruciatingly early the next day. so let me know, so i can plan accordingly.

i suppose that is all for now, at least until i start killing your characters off one by one in the epitome of their worst fears....hmmm, was that a revealing of the plot? bwahahaha
12:38 pm
Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
8:33 pm
Thursday, August 19th, 2004
10:28 pm
i have the whole weekend ahead to work on plot and points

sorry for the delays, we all know i am a slacker,

8:08 pm
Why does he need to know about the funeral? It was painful, okay?
Fine. Details.

The FuneralCollapse )
There, are you happy?
12:27 pm
8:51 am
The years stretching between...
High school was good to me. There were so many new people, and there was so much to do---cheerleading, track, debate team, drama club. I threw myself into all of it; being involved in so much helped take my mind off… something unpleasant. I tried to involve Reel in my activities and new circles of friends, but they didn’t seem to mesh well with her. She was always more interested in her math games, anyway. But no matter.

As time went on, I started focusing more. To be honest, it all started in tenth grade, second semester. Civics class, sitting next to Ethan Framingham. Rathych ap Ailil, to his friends. We knew each other from debate team, but it wasn’t until we worked together on a group project for civics that we really got close. He was my first. I never told Christian, or Jold, or even Reel. Jold and I had had a sort of on-again, off-again thing going on, and at the time, we were off again. Christian… we’d been close freshman year, when I was in drama club, but the next year they moved the meeting time for debate, and it conflicted, so I didn’t try out for the spring musical. We didn’t see each other as much anymore. I still miss Christian, sometimes…

Rathych came from a family with four generations of Harvard-educated lawyers behind him, and during our… liaison… he would tell me about the cases his father was working on, and some of his father’s Harvard stories, and how he hoped to be able to follow in his family’s footsteps without neglecting his responsibilities in the Duchy of Goldengate. Of course I fostered no delusions about Rath and I going to college together or any of that other high-school-to-forever nonsense---not to say that Love doesn’t Conquer All, or anything, but even then I was too much of an independent woman for that---but it did spark some possibilities in my mind. Possibilities turned to ideas, ideas turned to goals, and goals turned to plans. When Daddy’s firm told him they were going to transfer him back east the summer after I graduated high school, I took it as a sign from the Universe that that’s where I belonged. Besides, the world was far too big for me to spend my life in that town.

When I got the acceptance letter from Harvard that spring, Christian was the first person I called to share the good news. But he wasn’t home; I got the answering machine. I was… disappointed. I didn’t leave a message.

Harvard was fantastic. Professor Navarro should really have known better than to ask a satyr to define the phrase in flagrante delicto. The look on his face was priceless. Prof Kaplan said I’d delivered the best closing arguments she’d heard in her fifteen years as a professor. I don’t know why she was surprised. Also, Harvard has its own fencing team. I figured it’d make a good extracurricular, and it felt like a good idea to keep a hand in it, even though it reminds me of… right. Christian…

I spent a semester abroad junior year in Spain, at La Universidad de Granada. It was amazing. The language, the people, the culture. The Moorish architecture was breathtaking, and the countryside… “Andalusia, with fields full of grain, I have to see you again and again. Take me, Spanish Caravan, yes I know you can…” Something about the place just resonated with me; I can’t wait to go back there again. One weekend some of us took a day trip up to Toledo, and I bought this beautiful rapier and main gauche set. For some reason they were just… calling to me. I miss Spain. I’ve been thinking about taking a year off before law school, to travel. We certainly have the money for it; Daddy got promoted again this year.

Rath graduated a year ahead of me and went back to Cali. Evidently he’s been taking some time off to deal with things at Court. We’ve long since dropped any pretenses of romantic entanglement, but do still keep in touch. I keep him updated on east coast politics, and he keeps me informed on things out west. It’s quite the mutually-beneficial arrangement. Besides, at this point in my life, I really don’t have time for a serious relationship. I do, after all, have a career to plan. I’ve got the rest of my life for romance. And I’m sure I’ll stumble across the right guy eventually.

[Save As: Notes-MarziMemoirs1.doc]

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
9:06 am
The New Improved Reel
So, I've decided that I want to keep Reel going a little more in the direction she started. The whole Madame Elanor thing . . . eh. I'd have to start playing her very differently, and I don't really want to play Reel that way. It would be like playing the Queen of the Exposition.

So, here's Reel to tell you how she's been.

After Christian and Jold and Marzipan started ignoring me, something happened that had never before happened in my life. I got depressed. I think it puzzled my parents a lot, because I wasn't myself at all. I'd still do a lot of the things I'd normally do: reading, dashing from one activity to another, acting constantly cheerful. But I would get frustrated with things halfway through and put them away. And I would spend most of my time in my room by myself.

They tried to cheer me up, they really did. But it seemed that it was no use.

Eventually, a little before Christmas, I snapped out of it. Nothing specific did it, except possibly time. There was only so long that I could stay depressed after all. It happened gradually. I would stick to one hobby for slightly longer, I aould spend a little more time outside. I went back to writing most of my papers in elvish.

And then, suddenly, magically it was break. Mom and Dad, while I was still depressed, had planned a trip to cheer me up. We still went, only I was in a good enough state of mind to really enjoy it. We went to Edinburgh in Scotland. I know it sounds like an odd choice, but I enjoyed the trip. We visited Edinburgh Castle, Hollyrood Palace, Arthur's Seat, the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, took a day trip out to Rosslyn. In general, it was good for me. A lot of stuff sort of faded for me. I still remembered that I needed to get back, remembered that I needed to watch and make sure that Something didn't come back, but the immediacy faded. At the same time a lot fo the memories that I've been carrying from previous turns through life began to fade. Now, years later, I remember only a little more that most fae about their previous lives. (Reel is down to maybe one point's worth of past life and two points of Remembrance).

The high point of the trip happened at Rosslyn. (Yes, yes, Mabry's been reading The Da Vinci Code.) You see, the whole place is this giant game. Yes, a game. There's all sorts of riddles in it and codes and secrets. It made me sad for a while, because I thought Christian should be there, but then I started looking around and trying to work some of it out. After that, I was having too much fun to be sad.

That might have been the end of it, but Dad bought me a book of cryptograms to keep me busy on the flight back home. It was a long flight and I solved all of them. By the time we were home, I had a new obsession.

Now all of my tests were encoded. Differently each time. This might have permanently damaged my grades, except for the fact that my math teacher caught it for what it was, translated for some of my other teachers, and then graded my papers in a different code. I cracked it and started focusing on encoding only the assingments for that class. After all, it was much more fun if their would be a reply to decode. By the end of the year, I'd made up some pretty impressive ones, and once or twice my teacher had had to come to me for the key. Of course, once or twice I'd had to go to him for one.

After this, high school was something of a disappointment, because there was no one to play code game with, though I managed to get a few friends interested in it, most of them got bored pretty quickly. I joined a math club, which helped, but no one else quite shared my enthusiasm. One of the teachers directed me towards some good books on the subject.

For the most part, high school bored me, though. I took the hardest classes, and by my senior year there was nothing left that really entertained me at all. I turned to my hobby, and my parents hardly ever saw me out of my room for more than fifteen minutes at a time.

College was better. For one thing, it took less time. I took a heavy course load, and classes over all my breaks. I also had some credits from high school and tested out of introductory stuff. The other thing that made college better was that it was bigger and it was easier to find people who shared my interests. I majored in mathmatics and minored in forensics. Then I sent out some resumes to a wide variety of agencies: all of them encoded.

I work mostly freelance. They send me codes, or pieces of codes, and I break them. Sometimes I'll send someone a new code I've devised and they'll send me a check. A fair portion of the time I help out the local police. That last always amuses me, because I remember, in a foggy sort of way, the time that I snuck into the police department. It's fairly decent money, and my parents seem proud, though a little hurt that I'm helping the government, which they assure me is evil. I agree with them, but I guess I have to live in the world I live in. Besides, the job's just too fun not to do.

(When I get her sheet back, I'm going to want to give her more points in enigmas, investigation, and linguistics. If I'm allowed to remove points from other things, I'll probably move them out of fae lore, which I know she has, and gremayre, which she might have. Also, she now would have a couple of points of resources and a lot of points of contacts. I think the changes in her remembrance and past life may cover that. Otherwise, we'll see onc eI have her sheet).

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Saturday, August 14th, 2004
12:43 pm
Thursday, August 12th, 2004
1:38 pm
Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
4:51 pm
Take two.
I left home after working through the summer of senior year with a dream in my head and dozens of pages worth of half-written screenplays. And very little money.
UCLA's film school only barely accepted me. I'm not sure to this day why they even let me in; I didn't really meet their requirements. But who am I to look a gift college in the administrative orifice? Mom was really upset that I was leaving, and I had to promise to call home every day. I told her I would if she paid for it, so she bought me a cell phone.
Fortunately, the work-study program had no trouble finding me a job on campus, and I took out enough loans to kill a horse. Yes, kill a horse, that's what I said. You wanted me to write, Funes, so stop looking over my shoulder. Even with that, it was somewhat of a struggle to pay for school. So shocking, I know.
The only thing I really cared about was getting established as a writer/director so I could get my movies made. If I had to work two jobs, so be it. I tutored a bunch of little kids, worked at a grocery store, shelved books, whatever I could do. I scraped by in my classes and got my degree somewhere along the way, much to my amazement.
But that doesn't mean I didn't have time to play. I must have made a dozen movies on my dinky little camcorder and passed them off to anyone fool enough to publish them. I made friends with all sorts of odd people... a few actress brats who thought I was cute, the occasional computer freak like Sully, the potheads across the hall my junior year... but most important of all, I met Bina.
Bina, my angel... I never deserved her, and I always knew she would leave me at some point. She was a shy little satyr (who would have thought) with gorgeous black hair and dark skin. She liked to say she was half Irish, half Lebanese, and all Greek. I saw her sitting in a corner of one of my non-major film classes at the beginning of my sophomore year. Her black eyes widened at the sight of another Changeling...
Okay, that's it, you damned raven, I'm not going to write another word until you quit peeking!
4:21 pm
Stupid bird.
How am I ever going to get this script started if I have to write this journal? Funes knows I don't type quickly. Bah; he's as bad as Sully sometimes.
Right. So this journal is supposed to set down everything since I left home, more or less. Um...
How about I think on it and get back to work? Oh, wait, because I can't write the script until Funes lets me ask a few questions.
Bloody raven.
Enough complaining. I'm going to go bug Sully some more before I really start.
Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
8:39 pm
As per request
Unless and until the Joseph says otherwise, this is ST's eyes only. I can't make it so only he can see it, though, since this is a public community. So, I just trust you guys not to peek. Not that I'd give a damn whether you saw and memorized the whole damn thing, but still, it's always better you don't. ANYWAY:
Holy sheet!Collapse )
Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
5:02 pm
Funes y Yo
Chapter 3: The RavenCollapse )

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
2:06 pm
Saturday, June 5th, 2004
12:21 am
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