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Enlightenment, You Dimwit

So, you see, jefe, Salvador is a cryptologist. Information alone, my specialty, does not concern him. To peruse my Library would ultimately bore him (and either drive him insane or kill him, but that’s beside the point). But if the information is important or abnormal enough to be protected, hidden in the arcane and esoteric, nothing could fascinate him more. The better the secret is hidden, the more challenging the riddle, or the tougher the code, the greater the lengths Salvador will go to uncover it. Curiously enough, though, he’s not the type who seeks out the Fountain of Youth or some ancient tome of power, at least not for the purpose of using them. Hell, if he feels that a secret isn’t hidden well enough, he may even take it upon himself to obscure it further, and believe me when I say he knows how to do that, obfuscating little prick that he is. His computers are so fortified that I doubt the CIA, the NSA, or any but the greatest Technocratic magi could get to a single datum stored within them. But it’s not like there’s anything of dire import on there, though some of it would be fucking confusing to mortal eyes; it’s generally just memoirs and bits of information on various and sundry topics for his later reference, plus a collection of eBooks, MP3s and movies that would rival any library but mine. Like I said, all of it is tightly encrypted with an algorithm he calls Nox and I call confusing as shit. Personally, I think my name is by far the more appropriate one.

Why the hell does he do it? Sencillísimo: to him, the mind is the only thing left sacred in this world. Thus, the interaction of minds or logs of a mind’s trials must be protected from outside interference and defilement. The laws of nature in the worlds of Flesh and Dream alike naturally shield the mind itself, the deeper the construct is buried in the mind the harder it is to access. The Dreaming itself is constructed thusly, the various kingdoms Far and Deep becoming comparably more integral to the structure of the Dreaming and better hidden from its eyes. Salvador sees that macrocosm as only the beginning, and he seeks to build upon it as I’ve already described. This odd sort of mentalism also explains why he became a professor; this way he can help younger minds to blossom, protecting them all the while. His most promising students, his Dreamers, often become protectors in their own right and adopt their mentor’s profession of cryptography. More fucking riddlers… that’ll sure fix the world….

And the next question of course is what brought him to this interesting worldview? That’s a bit more complicated, and obscure (appropriate, as it’s deeper into his mind). After his chrysalis, when I awakened him so violently into the “real world,” with the knowledge of the Kithain and the admittedly shocking stories of my life, he became somewhat disillusioned with regard to the state of the world. I’ve seen this before in changelings, as well as newly awakened magi and Garou who’ve just experienced their first change, but Salvador was different. It seemed like a natural development in the realization of his fae nature. Then again, there are plenty of other reasons for him to think the rest of the world has gone sour. He sees one reason every time he looks in the mirror, streaking down the face of his fae mien. It’s not the scar on his body that bothers him, it’s the fact that it nearly penetrated to his mind. Yeah, yeah, I’m not surprised he hasn’t told you that story, so let me enlighten you.
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