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Why does he need to know about the funeral? It was painful, okay?
Fine. Details.

She looked asleep, lying in the coffin with her body covered so artfully that the scars weren't obvious. Her family disapproved of me always, and even moreso now, seeing as how I was the one who found her, and I was such a big influence on her before she died. Her sister's fiance held her sister while she wept, and Bina's parents spent half their time glaring at the coffin as though it offended them and the other half shooting disparaging looks at me. Like I shouldn't be there at all.
But Bina's Fae seeming was gone. She looked utterly human, lying there atop the grave. I couldn't even listen to the service. Catholics. It seemed so silly, to have a Catholic funeral for a satyr who wasn't even there.
After the service, the family went up to the coffin to say their goodbyes. When they were done, I went up, despite their angry stares. I whispered, "Until we meet again," and kissed the corpse on its pale lips. Not something I ever want to do again. But a promise is a promise, and I miss her.
Helena came to pick me up from the funeral. She offered to let me stay at her place, since I'd told her about the apartment and the walls all covered in memories. I could tell she was offering more than just a place to be, but I couldn't give her that night. That night was Bina's.
There, are you happy?
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