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The New Improved Reel

So, I've decided that I want to keep Reel going a little more in the direction she started. The whole Madame Elanor thing . . . eh. I'd have to start playing her very differently, and I don't really want to play Reel that way. It would be like playing the Queen of the Exposition.

So, here's Reel to tell you how she's been.

After Christian and Jold and Marzipan started ignoring me, something happened that had never before happened in my life. I got depressed. I think it puzzled my parents a lot, because I wasn't myself at all. I'd still do a lot of the things I'd normally do: reading, dashing from one activity to another, acting constantly cheerful. But I would get frustrated with things halfway through and put them away. And I would spend most of my time in my room by myself.

They tried to cheer me up, they really did. But it seemed that it was no use.

Eventually, a little before Christmas, I snapped out of it. Nothing specific did it, except possibly time. There was only so long that I could stay depressed after all. It happened gradually. I would stick to one hobby for slightly longer, I aould spend a little more time outside. I went back to writing most of my papers in elvish.

And then, suddenly, magically it was break. Mom and Dad, while I was still depressed, had planned a trip to cheer me up. We still went, only I was in a good enough state of mind to really enjoy it. We went to Edinburgh in Scotland. I know it sounds like an odd choice, but I enjoyed the trip. We visited Edinburgh Castle, Hollyrood Palace, Arthur's Seat, the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, took a day trip out to Rosslyn. In general, it was good for me. A lot of stuff sort of faded for me. I still remembered that I needed to get back, remembered that I needed to watch and make sure that Something didn't come back, but the immediacy faded. At the same time a lot fo the memories that I've been carrying from previous turns through life began to fade. Now, years later, I remember only a little more that most fae about their previous lives. (Reel is down to maybe one point's worth of past life and two points of Remembrance).

The high point of the trip happened at Rosslyn. (Yes, yes, Mabry's been reading The Da Vinci Code.) You see, the whole place is this giant game. Yes, a game. There's all sorts of riddles in it and codes and secrets. It made me sad for a while, because I thought Christian should be there, but then I started looking around and trying to work some of it out. After that, I was having too much fun to be sad.

That might have been the end of it, but Dad bought me a book of cryptograms to keep me busy on the flight back home. It was a long flight and I solved all of them. By the time we were home, I had a new obsession.

Now all of my tests were encoded. Differently each time. This might have permanently damaged my grades, except for the fact that my math teacher caught it for what it was, translated for some of my other teachers, and then graded my papers in a different code. I cracked it and started focusing on encoding only the assingments for that class. After all, it was much more fun if their would be a reply to decode. By the end of the year, I'd made up some pretty impressive ones, and once or twice my teacher had had to come to me for the key. Of course, once or twice I'd had to go to him for one.

After this, high school was something of a disappointment, because there was no one to play code game with, though I managed to get a few friends interested in it, most of them got bored pretty quickly. I joined a math club, which helped, but no one else quite shared my enthusiasm. One of the teachers directed me towards some good books on the subject.

For the most part, high school bored me, though. I took the hardest classes, and by my senior year there was nothing left that really entertained me at all. I turned to my hobby, and my parents hardly ever saw me out of my room for more than fifteen minutes at a time.

College was better. For one thing, it took less time. I took a heavy course load, and classes over all my breaks. I also had some credits from high school and tested out of introductory stuff. The other thing that made college better was that it was bigger and it was easier to find people who shared my interests. I majored in mathmatics and minored in forensics. Then I sent out some resumes to a wide variety of agencies: all of them encoded.

I work mostly freelance. They send me codes, or pieces of codes, and I break them. Sometimes I'll send someone a new code I've devised and they'll send me a check. A fair portion of the time I help out the local police. That last always amuses me, because I remember, in a foggy sort of way, the time that I snuck into the police department. It's fairly decent money, and my parents seem proud, though a little hurt that I'm helping the government, which they assure me is evil. I agree with them, but I guess I have to live in the world I live in. Besides, the job's just too fun not to do.

(When I get her sheet back, I'm going to want to give her more points in enigmas, investigation, and linguistics. If I'm allowed to remove points from other things, I'll probably move them out of fae lore, which I know she has, and gremayre, which she might have. Also, she now would have a couple of points of resources and a lot of points of contacts. I think the changes in her remembrance and past life may cover that. Otherwise, we'll see onc eI have her sheet).
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