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The years stretching between...

High school was good to me. There were so many new people, and there was so much to do---cheerleading, track, debate team, drama club. I threw myself into all of it; being involved in so much helped take my mind off… something unpleasant. I tried to involve Reel in my activities and new circles of friends, but they didn’t seem to mesh well with her. She was always more interested in her math games, anyway. But no matter.

As time went on, I started focusing more. To be honest, it all started in tenth grade, second semester. Civics class, sitting next to Ethan Framingham. Rathych ap Ailil, to his friends. We knew each other from debate team, but it wasn’t until we worked together on a group project for civics that we really got close. He was my first. I never told Christian, or Jold, or even Reel. Jold and I had had a sort of on-again, off-again thing going on, and at the time, we were off again. Christian… we’d been close freshman year, when I was in drama club, but the next year they moved the meeting time for debate, and it conflicted, so I didn’t try out for the spring musical. We didn’t see each other as much anymore. I still miss Christian, sometimes…

Rathych came from a family with four generations of Harvard-educated lawyers behind him, and during our… liaison… he would tell me about the cases his father was working on, and some of his father’s Harvard stories, and how he hoped to be able to follow in his family’s footsteps without neglecting his responsibilities in the Duchy of Goldengate. Of course I fostered no delusions about Rath and I going to college together or any of that other high-school-to-forever nonsense---not to say that Love doesn’t Conquer All, or anything, but even then I was too much of an independent woman for that---but it did spark some possibilities in my mind. Possibilities turned to ideas, ideas turned to goals, and goals turned to plans. When Daddy’s firm told him they were going to transfer him back east the summer after I graduated high school, I took it as a sign from the Universe that that’s where I belonged. Besides, the world was far too big for me to spend my life in that town.

When I got the acceptance letter from Harvard that spring, Christian was the first person I called to share the good news. But he wasn’t home; I got the answering machine. I was… disappointed. I didn’t leave a message.

Harvard was fantastic. Professor Navarro should really have known better than to ask a satyr to define the phrase in flagrante delicto. The look on his face was priceless. Prof Kaplan said I’d delivered the best closing arguments she’d heard in her fifteen years as a professor. I don’t know why she was surprised. Also, Harvard has its own fencing team. I figured it’d make a good extracurricular, and it felt like a good idea to keep a hand in it, even though it reminds me of… right. Christian…

I spent a semester abroad junior year in Spain, at La Universidad de Granada. It was amazing. The language, the people, the culture. The Moorish architecture was breathtaking, and the countryside… “Andalusia, with fields full of grain, I have to see you again and again. Take me, Spanish Caravan, yes I know you can…” Something about the place just resonated with me; I can’t wait to go back there again. One weekend some of us took a day trip up to Toledo, and I bought this beautiful rapier and main gauche set. For some reason they were just… calling to me. I miss Spain. I’ve been thinking about taking a year off before law school, to travel. We certainly have the money for it; Daddy got promoted again this year.

Rath graduated a year ahead of me and went back to Cali. Evidently he’s been taking some time off to deal with things at Court. We’ve long since dropped any pretenses of romantic entanglement, but do still keep in touch. I keep him updated on east coast politics, and he keeps me informed on things out west. It’s quite the mutually-beneficial arrangement. Besides, at this point in my life, I really don’t have time for a serious relationship. I do, after all, have a career to plan. I’ve got the rest of my life for romance. And I’m sure I’ll stumble across the right guy eventually.

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