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Here is the stuff I've written up about Reel's contacts:

Will Hinton is one of my friends down at the police station. He's not anyone important or anything, but everyone likes him, so lots of people sort-of-like me. I think he sees me as his kid sister, which feels really weird because I never had any siblings when I was growing up. Sometimes, he'll drag me along with him to minor crime scenes to give me pointers. This can be fun. I don't really know why he does it, except maybe to make sure I'm aware of how often places get broken into in my part of town. He'll always reminding me to close my curtains. He wants me to carry mace in my purse. I mostly ignore it. He's a pretty nice guy.

Gregory Baldwin is my other good cop friend. He isn't really a cop anymore, because he's retired, but everyone down at the station still tells him everything, and sometimes if something serious is happening, he'll be wearing his uniform again and helping out. He's a funny old man, and I listen to only about half of what he says, because the other half is puns and pseudo-misogynist jokes. It absolutely cracks him up to ask me why I'm not yet barefoot and pregnant. He doesn't really mean any of it. the other thing about Greg is that he is positively obsessed with crossword puzzles: I guess it keep him entertained in his retirement. Unfortunately, he's found out at that I'm good at them, so he'll call me up at any hour or the day or night and ask me questions like: "What's a three letter word ending with see that means a big bird?" I don't sleep much, so I don't mind that I either.

Dr. Claude Pearson was one of my professors when I was in college. He was the one who suggested I send my resume to the governments. It always seems like he's laughing at me. We trade codes some times. He's still working on one I sent him a month ago; he doesn't have kuch time to work on it, what with grading papers and all. The most recent one he sent to me is based off of a starwheel. It's really neat; I haven't quite worked out all the details yet: I've been kind of busy. His areas of expertise are kind of odd: mathematical linguistics, and ethical philosophy. I think I took five different classes taught by him while I was at college. It was a blast.

Finally, there's "Olorin." I'm not sure quite where he and I stand, aside from the fact that I've never seen his face. We've been in contact for two or three years now, ever since we met in this inter-university decryption exercise: he sent out the last paragraph of The Return of the King, and I recognized it rather quickly. We've kept in touch. He knows me by the name "Vaire." We encode all of a our messages, but usually fairly easy codes. We talk about books and codes and sometimes about politics. I like him a lot. About a month ago we went on a blind date. We both showed up at a set table in a coffee shop with blindfolds on. We talked for a while. It was a lot of fun, he threw my word replacement right back at me. When this is over, I'd like to meet up with him again without the blindfolds and have another chat or five. Personal feelings aside, he's better at codes and stuff than anyone I know; possibly including myself.
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