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Quote Sheet

Weirdly, I was eating Mexican while I typed this up. Even more weirdly, I can't see Spanish rice now without thinking about Joseph and hence about this really weird game.

1. “Does my ice cream do anything funny?” “Yes, it gets up and does the Macarena.”
2. “I don’t think dan will allow that.” “I didn’t know his name was Dan.”
3. 3. “Alan and his obsession with monkeys, yes.”
4. “My mother makes a character based on Vanyel and starts coming on to my sister’s ranger.”
5. “We allow rodents to be ane xception.”
6. “Mmm . . . popcorn and death.”
7. “You get pounced from behind by a grey bunny.”
8. “Is it warm steam?”
9. “It’s a mountain.”
10. “Let me get this straight: these are clown blow-up dolls?”
11. “Actually, it was giant marshmallows.”
12. “A policeman hears you and takes you to jail.”
13. “What I’m wondering is why your fleece is inside out.”
14. “Even your phone ring sounds homosexual.”
15. “And I may be dead by the end of the weekend anyway, so why should I do my homework?”
16. “How would you like people picking things off of you?”
17. “He doesn’t have plant magnetism.”
18. “Thank you, El Niño.”
19. “Who let the dogs out: bark, bark!” (Oakenshield bunk)
20. “Benevolence: WHOMP!”
21. “If you jinx us, I am so not talking to you for a week.”
22. “Yes, I know it’s a cookie . . . if I break the bottom off it won’t notice.”
23. “You pass the willow.” “I kick it.” “It weeps.”
24. “Nobody dies till I say so.”
25. “You see me squeeze my rock.”
26. “My kitchen smells like burning.”
27. “It says: ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’”
28. (in thick Russian accent) “In Soviet Russia, pizza eats you!”
29. “You cannot Veiled Eyes your pizza.”
30. “It’s a sassy fortune.”
31. “I . . . am . . . going . . . to . . . kill . . . that . . . BALLOON!”
32. “Your character just got eaten by the pizza.”
33. “You just made a snake bridge.”
34. “No, you cannot make a willpower roll to ignore the Cornish game hen.”
35. “There’s another door? When did that happen?” “Just now!”
36. “In that case, I think we kill the stove.”
37. “You may take a free action to stop, drop, and roll. I commend fire safety.”
38. “Oven.” “Pven to suck your blood?”
39. “A thirty-nine and a half foot pole? Those are only useful for not touching Mr. Grinch.”
40. “So, Albert, have you got . . . porpoises?”
41. “Several slithering snakes snoring softly.”
42. “I want torture! By which, Reel means Thai.”
43. “Salvador, you are a giant carrot.”
44. “Except replace ‘Pcs’ with ‘me’ and ‘plot’ with ‘your mom.’”
45. “A pagan pipe wrench? How preposterous!”
46. “GM: I don’t know what she’d doing; let me make a Perception plu Alertness roll.”
47. “You instinctually drop tot he ground as a MANGO flies over your head!” “A bladed mango?” “Can we make one of those? Can you make on of those?”
48. “Jackie, play with this and put something down about the funny hat!”
49. “In Soviet Escher, book finds you.”
50. “You have now hidden in Josey’s box.”
51. “See Salvador. See Salvador doing first. Go first, Salvador, go first.”
52. “Funes attacks, and . . . lands in your arms, gentle as a kitten.”
53. “The mirror is actually in my pants, so she won’t take it.”
54. “Why you have square shield?” “Because you made them that way, stupid GM.”
55. “Shit, piss, fuck, sunt, cocksucker, Mabry.”
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